How you treat your loyal employees determines your future

06 March 2018 Brijesh Mongia

Treat Employees

2 in 5 managers fail within their first 18 months according to Harvard Business Review.

The main reason is departures or de-motivation of their best employees.

Yes, "people do not quit companies, they quit their bosses." 

Everyone knows that, including those bosses.

So why do they not stop their best people from leaving ?

1. They think everyone is replaceable like gloves. 

Nobody can be replaced, they can only be succeeded. Not only everyone is unique, and has a unique perspective, but when a good employee quits, gone are: institutional knowledge, key contacts and relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Loyal employees are not commodities !

2. They see best people as a threat to their own position. Insecurity is as bad as ignorance.

The secret to my success was to always hire people smarter than me. In my own case it was always easy.

No persons should be promoted to management who are so insecure that they would rather see their best people fail than endanger own position.

3. They are arrogant and look down on everyone else. No matter what you do is never enough.

No persons should be promoted to management who look down on other people.

Arrogance is worse than ignorance.

Instead of arrogance and insecurity, let's try instead: appreciation, motivation, empowerment, vision, positive energy.

Do you agree ?