4 Surefire Tips to Upskill Your Career in 2020

13 May 2020 Brijesh Mongia

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It’s no secret:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is gaining ground rapidly. As a result, bleeding-edge tech like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing render many jobs automated. 


In fact, according to The Straits Times’ recent poll, workplace automation in Singapore is expected to double in the foreseeable future.


If you want to keep up with the times and send your hireability chances to the moon in 2020, you need to grow your muscles and regularly upskill.

Good news?

You’re a quick scroll-down away from learning how to do just that.

Devour Knowledge Around You

I know:

We’re one of the most burned-out workforce in the world, with most Singaporeans working an average of 12 hours over their contracted hours.

Read a book?

Sure, toss me a fat copy of War and Peace when I’m drowning while you’re at it.

But if you want to up your value proposition to employers, you need to make a habit of continually picking up as many short pieces of advice and guidance as you can, in short bursts.


Get your hands, ears, and eyes on the relevant industry:

  • Articles
  • Business books
  • Podcasts
  • TED Talks
  • YouTube channels
  • Webinars
  • LinkedIn Groups

In the case of articles and business books, there’s a quick iPhone hack you can use to devour more textual content than you can count (you can learn about it here.)

Once you’ve created a framework that lets you gobble down knowledge on autopilot, you’ll stand a much better chance in the war with automation.

Sign up for Relevant Online Courses and Get Certifications

You have a Bachelor’s. Perhaps even a Master’s.

You think your learning days are finally behind you, right?


If you want to stay at the top of your game and show employers you take the initiative to learn and improve, you need to continue education.

Good news?

There’s a way to do it without having to shell out buckets of cash.

In fact, there are a plethora of courses and online certificates you can ease into from the comfort of your home that let you pick new skills you can later showcase on a resume.

Need real-life examples?


It’s a nation-wide learning portal that offers a variety of resources to help Singaporeans develop their fullest potential regardless of their skill level.

SkillsFuture’s core programs are designed for:

  • Students
  • Employees (Early-career)
  • Employees (Mid-career)
  • Employers
  • Training providers
  • Lifelong learners

eCornell Online Certificate Programs

It’s Cornell University’s online learning platform that offers over 80 professional certificate programmes, most of which take two-four months to complete.

The programs designed by the Cornell faculty fall into these core categories (and many others):

  • Data Science
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Business and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering

Microsoft Learning Online Programme

If you’re a techie (developer, administrator, functional consultant, or solutions architect), it’s your best bet to get Microsoft Learning certification.

You’ll have to pay $165 in assessments costs, but self-paced preparation is free.

Popular Microsoft certifications include:

  • Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Enterprise Administrator Expert


If you want to enhance your hard skills and expand your technical knowledge, you can’t go wrong with Udemy.

It offers the world’s largest selection of online courses, most of which start at $10.99 for lifetime access.

Below are Udemy’s top categories:

  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Complete Python Bootcamp
  • Microsoft Excel: Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Keep in mind:

While some of Udemy’s instructors are fully qualified, others are not. So do your research on the course and the instructor before you commit.

Network Your Way to Success

I get it:

Every time someone mentions the word networking, you immediately picture sweaty handshakes, senseless small talk, and emails from strangers that want to pick your brain.

Plus, in Singapore, many of us tend to be rather reserved and stepping out of our comfort zone doesn’t come easy.


Brushing shoulders with the right people in the right communities is a robust way to upskill in 2020.

If done right, networking can broaden your mindset, widen your social circle, and potentially present you with career opportunities worth their weight in gold.


First, learn how to make networking fun and get the max ROI from it (this guide explains how.)

Next, pinpoint meetups, Bootcamp events, and conferences to attend (I recommend using the Meetup service for that.)

Once you’ve put networking into practice, employers will start to throw job offers at your feet like rose petals.

Get Yourself a Mentor

Easier said than done, right?


If you’re interested in professional growth, getting mentored by an industry expert either online or in-person is the best way to upskill in the shortest possible time.

That’s because having a mentor by your side can:

  • Get you up to speed in your correct role.
  • Guide you toward your career goals.
  • Introduce you to people who might hold a ticket to your future dream job.
  • Explain why you shouldn’t put a weird progress bar next to your skills on a resume (what does 67% efficient in SEO even mean?)
  • Bottom line: if you can afford it, pick a mentor and upskill in class.

So—What Do You Think?

There you have it.

A whopping 4 tips to upskill and grow your muscles in 2020.


What’s your experience with keeping up with the times? What are the best ways to grow your skillsets?


SOURCE: content.mycareersfuture.sg