Top 3 Skills We Are Hiring For In 2022- Maritime

19 January 2022

Top 3 Skills We Are Hiring For In 2022 (Blog Banner)

​As the economy begins to open, and the near year comes with new opportunities, the skills employers are looking for are always changing as technology advances. 

Generally employers often seek a combination of hard skills—or technical knowledge and experience —and soft skills that focus more on how you work, interact with others and personality. 

So, what are these skills employers looking for in today’s workforce? We spoke to Brijesh Mongia, Director, Maritime Recruitment at Caliber8 to understand what are the top skills in demand, they are hiring for in this new year 2022. 

"Product development and data analytics skills I think with more technology companies coming in and providing solutions and increasing competitiveness, operational efficiencies. I think this will be an important tool and skill set to have. So for example, could be like Power BI, Python, or Tabblue.

Secondly, I think you can get experience in LNG dual fuel engines or maggie engines.

And lastly I would say on the softer skills side, for team leaders and managers, you know, it is important to show empathy towards your subordinates. It is a challenging environment of remote working. So, a few words of trust and support will go a long way and get their sincere efforts."

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