Navigation & Transition: A Maritime Professional's Career Pivot After Maternity Leave

12 March 2024

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​This International Women's Day, Week #IWD we celebrate the resilience and drive of women navigating the ever-evolving landscape of careers. Many women, however, face unique challenges when re-entering the workforce after a maternity break.

Our candidate, a successful commercial trader in the maritime industry, perfectly exemplifies this. After taking a well-deserved break for maternity leave, she found herself drawn to a career shift. The demands of chartering, with its long hours and travel, no longer aligned with her desire for a more balanced life. Yet, she craved a role that still utilized her extensive knowledge and passion for the maritime sector.

Recognizing the candidate's strong foundation, we explored career paths within the maritime industry, leveraging our deep understanding of the sector. We identified a natural fit and suggested roles in maritime software products & services.

Through career coaching sessions, we highlighted the transferable skills our client possessed. Her knowledge of market dynamics, negotiation expertise, and client relationship management seamlessly translated to a sales environment. We provided targeted job search support and interview preparation, focusing on how her maritime background would be an asset to potential employers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Career pivots within an industry are possible: A strong foundation in a sector can pave the way for exciting new opportunities.

  • Transferable skills are valuable: Don't underestimate the power of skills gained from previous roles.

  • Consulting expertise matters: Working with a recruitment agency that understands your industry can lead to a successful career change.

Caliber8's commitment to understanding both the industry and the individual empowers women like our candidate to navigate career pivots with confidence. After all, International Women's Day is not just about celebrating achievements, but also about fostering an environment where women can thrive throughout their careers.

Infact, we are hiring Recruitment Consultants at Caliber8 Recruitment and happy to chat with deserving candidates looking to pivot or return back to a corporate career. Comment, tag or share a colleague, friend and let them know about us.