Challenges of Shipping Jobs

06 November 2020 Brijesh Mongia

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According to classification, shipping jobs or working at sea has been classified as one of the ten most dangerous jobs in the world. Although as an outsider it might sound surprising (considering how people think it as a “glamorous” job),  ask a seaman and he would enumerate various difficulties attached with the job. Careful examination of the prospective hazards makes one realize that this job is not for the weak hearted, those who get homesick easily, or those who find it difficult to work in a harsh environment.

In every kind of profession there are a variety of professional hazards to deal with and person’s ability to perform any particular job is tested on the basis of his response to these hazards. Similarly, there are ways to deal with the professional problems faced on ships and one shouldn’t be discouraged to take up an exciting and rewarding career in merchant navy.

Strict physical fitness is of utmost importance as any kind of shipping job is quite enduring and the hardships that one usually faces cannot be copied without a health condition that borders impeccability.

Ships are always in a state of motion be it the usual swaying movement or heavy rolling or pitching. This constant motion leads many to motion sickness which is not a very simple issue to deal with, even for those with the best sea legs.

Sea voyages expose the ship’s crew to extreme temperature and weather conditions especially during long journeys spanning many countries or continents. Such long voyages take the ships to the bitter cold of Alaska or Scandinavia and also to the hot and humid conditions of the tropical region or the Persian Gulf. A seafarer working on the ship should be fit enough to face any kind of weather and work in any kind of environment.