Caliber8’s Co-Founder Brijesh Mongia's take on hiring, trends etc in Maritime

05 January 2021

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​Brijesh Mongia, head of Maritime recruitment at Caliber8, sees a lot of technology-driven companies investing in the maritime industry to help them streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide risk management tools. We are looking to disrupt the traditional hiring methodologies with the utilisation of ever-changing technology to address the new trends in the market.

“Although maritime has been a very traditional industry, it has seen innovation and digitalisation in recent times and this will be the driving factor for businesses going forward,” Mongia says, adding that the company has quickly adapted to the new trends in digitalisation and are partnering with technology companies to find the best maritime talent suited to their products and services.

The maritime recruitment industry has faced substantial challenges aligning to the new trends. Mongia reckons hiring talents from a limited pool of locally based niche professionals has been one of the major issues faced by growing organisations and it has led to the need for industry-specific training and constantly upgrading skillsets.

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