Caliber8’s Co-Founder Karthik Balakrishnan on Employment, Recruitment, and Hiring with a Human Touch.

22 February 2021

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Empathy is key to hiring in these difficult economic times, especially since one's actions will be remembered post-crisis. As Covid-19 ravages the global economy, young people have seen jobs and internships abruptly withdrawn as firms hunker down to defend their cash flows from the almighty headwinds of the worst recession since independence. 

According to a survey by LinkedIn, job-seeking activity is at record levels. Nearly 40 million people are using the platform to search for jobs each week and three people are hired every minute on LinkedIn.

Desperate job-seekers are seeking the assistance of recruiters and HR solution providers in a bid to find work.

Noting that workers are likely to prioritize getting “any job that pays” in this difficult job market, what Caliber8 makes sure is that workers should also pay attention to organizational and professional fit on top of their immediate financial needs. Part of our role, after all, is to ensure that both employers and employees are happy with their respective job placements.

Our Co-founder Karthik Balakrishnan, director of the Accounting & Finance space, in an interview, tells The Edge Singapore that our practice is to provide feedback to candidates on their interview performance and assess a candidate’s cultural fit for an organization. Nobody is sent to an interview without having been prepared via a direct meeting, he explains, which also helps employers maximize the time invested in interviewing a candidate.

While recruitment is often described as a “sales job”, we at Caliber8 — who specializes in Accounting & Finance recruitment, and Maritime recruitment — sees its role as more than a clearinghouse between talent and businesses.

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