Caliber8 Recruitment Bridges the Skills Gap for Maritime Decarbonization Leader

20 March 2024

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A prominent UK-based company, a pioneer in carbon capture technology for the shipping industry, sought to recruit a Technical Marine Engineer with expertise in their innovative carbon capture system. However, the maritime industry traditionally lacked a strong focus on digital capabilities and environmental sustainability (ESG), making it difficult to find candidates with the precise skillset required.

The Caliber8 Approach:

Caliber8 recognized the emerging talent gap in the maritime decarbonization space. Government regulations pushing for decarbonization by 2030 and the digitalization of the shipping ecosystem were creating new job types with specific skill requirements.

Caliber8's solution involved a two-pronged approach:

  1. Identifying Transferable Skills: Caliber8 looked beyond the traditional maritime talent pool, seeking candidates with strong technical skills from adjacent industries.

  2. Upskilling and Guidance: Recognizing that some ideal candidates might lack a perfect match on paper, Caliber8 offered pre-placement training and consultation.

The Perfect Fit:

Through Caliber8's expertise, our client was presented with a pool of highly motivated candidates possessing strong technical skills. Caliber8 then guided these candidates on the specific requirements of the role and how their existing skills could be applied. This approach allowed our client to identify the ideal candidate who, with some additional training, possessed the perfect blend of technical proficiency and adaptability for the innovative carbon capture technology.


Our client successfully filled the Technical Marine Engineer position with a candidate identified and prepped by Caliber8. This individual's technical background, combined with Caliber8's targeted upskilling program, ensured they were well-equipped to contribute to our client's pioneering work in maritime decarbonization.

The maritime industry is undergoing a significant shift towards decarbonization and digitalization, creating new job demands. Caliber8's expertise in identifying transferable skills and providing targeted upskilling helps bridge the talent gap in emerging fields like maritime decarbonization. By focusing on potential and adaptability, Caliber8 helps companies like this one find the best people to drive innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

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